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Union Budget 2013: Booster dose for agri biotech
The Times of India, 1 March 2013
Indian farmers, agri scientists and agribiotech firms can pull out their farm tools and research equipments as the $5 billion Indian biotechnology industry got a small booster dose of funds and knowledge inputs from Union Budget.

Department of Biotechnology, Cambridge varsity in research venture
The Hindu Business Line, 14 September 2012
To develop new scientific approaches for treatment of diseases such as cancer, India's Department of Biotechnology and the University of Cambridge are setting up a new initiative for chemical biology and molecular therapeutics at inStem, Bangalore.

Seed makers plan high-density Bt cotton planting to boost yield
The Hindu Business Line, 20 February 2013
Faced with stagnating yields from Bt cotton hybrids, seed makers are now advocating high-density planting or putting more plants an acre by reducing the spacing to boost the output.

BARC showcases disease-resistant crop varieties
The Hindu, 29 April 2012
A workshop on nuclear technology held recently attracted many to packets containing pods of large and small groundnut seeds. more>>

UN recognition for traditional Koraput farming systems
IBN Live, 3 January 2012
UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation has recognized the efforts of the tribal community of Koraput to conserve biodiversity and develop climate resilient farm practices as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS)... more>>

Soon, database on Indian bio-resources
The Times of India, 27 December 2011
The Unit for Research and Development of Information Products (URDIP) here has prepared a database of patents granted world-wide to Indian bio-resources, including food crops, forest trees, marine organisms, microbial resources, livestock, other animals and agro-resources... more>>

E&Y: Biotech cos spending less on R&D
The Financial Express, 5 September 2011
Funding for research and development has grown increasingly scarce for a majority of firms in the global biotechnology sector, says a study... more>>

A new patron for biotech industry
Business Standard, 26 April 2011
The Department of Biotechnology is playing venture capitalist to private companies to push agri research. DBT is providing half the project costs, loans at giveaway rates and hand-holding to boot — all to encourage cutting-edge research in agriculture, healthcare and energy... more>>

Bioinformatics sees massive investments by R&D firms
The Financial Express, 22 April 2011
With collaborations and new products from IT companies enabling life sciences firms to quantify available information, bioinformatics is witnessing exciting changes... more>>

Asia emerging global biotechnology hub
The Hindu Business Line, 25 February 2011
Recent deals in Japan , China and India point towards the fact that Asia is on its way to becoming a global biotechnology hub. The Indian biotech sector grew $3 billion in size with the Chinese market touching $9 million last year.

GM rubber: MOEF proposes field trials for 14 years
The Hindu , 6 January 2011
Field trials of Genetically Modified (GM) rubber will be held in “designated experimental sites inside research farms” of the Rubber Research Institute of India in Kerala and Maharashtra for around 14 years, according to the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests... more>>

PM's panel bets big on farm biotech
Hindustan Times, 15 December 2010
India is likely to rely a great deal on biotechnology in food crops to ease growing demand for food amid rising prices, even though the country has clamped a moratorium on Bt brinjal, its first genetically engineered food crop. A working group set up by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to suggest long-term solutions to high food inflation, which submitted its report to the PM on Wednesday, has said a second green revolution would not be possible without biotechnology-led breakthroughs... more>>

TERI and Deakin University, Australia comes together to augment research in the area of nano biotechnology
Business Wire India, 27 November 2010
TERI and Deakin University, Australia signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to announce the setting up of a Centre of Excellence, the TERI-Deakin Nano Biotechnology Research Centre in the field of Nano Biotechnology in India. This development is an outcome of TERI's core capability of knowledge creation and development of efficient, environment friendly technologies and Deakin's India Research Initiative which is committed towards establishing a lasting association with industry partners in India to chart a vibrant culture of research and scholastic excellence. The initiative is also aimed at bridging the gap between industry and academia through research and collaboration of world leading experts, which will enable efficiency, effectiveness and provide solutions for a sustainable future through the utilization of biotechnology. The TERI- Deakin Nano Biotechnology Research Centre will bring to the fore Deakin's expertise in the design and characterization of novel nanomaterials while TERI will bring their wealth of experience in biotech applications in pharmacology, food, agriculture and environmental areas... more>>

Regulator for biotech to be supervised by government panel
The Financial Express, 11 November 2010
The performance of the upcoming Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India would be supervised by an inter-ministerial governing board, even though the time frame in which the regulatory body would come up is not clear... more>>

Israel to set up projects in Haryana
The Financial Express, 3 September 2010
Keen to help India with its highly developed technologies in the farm sector, Israel will soon set up two centres of excellence in the field of floriculture and horticulture in Haryana to provide expertise to farmers... more>>

TERI begins oil `zapping'
Indian Express, 22 August 2010
To rid the shores of the oil slick without further polluting the sea, TERI is using the bioremediation technology. TERI is using the Oilzapper method for the partial clean-up of beached after getting permission from the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board. TERI, which had invented the oilzapper technology of bioremediation, along with the Department of Biotechnology of the central government after seven years of research, scooped oil-stained sand from a 1.2 km stretch of the beach with help of volunteers. It has dumped into a bioremediation pit about 200 metres from the shore and the oilzapper technology was applied. The sludge will get bio-degraded in two months.

TERI offers microbe to lick spill of Mumbai
The Pioneer, 16 August 2010
At a time when experts are battling the hazard posed by the massive oil spill off the Mumbai coast, TERI has offered to clean up the mess with its indigenously-developed cocktail of oil-eating microbes. A similar mechanism was used in BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico recently... more>>

Oilzapper 40% cheaper than other options
The Times of India, 19 July 2010
Using bacteria to clean up an oil slick is called bioremediation and is practised in many parts of the world. But the Indian formulation is unique as it eats up all four layers of crude -- waxy element or saturated hydrocarbons, aromatic component or benzene compounds, NSO (compounds of nitrogen and sulphur) and asphaltene or tar. And unlike other formulations, Oilzapper can work in temperatures ranging from 8-40 degrees Celsius. The formulation was developed by TERI under a central government initiative... more>>

Bt crops can be safer alternative to pesticides
Deccan Herald, 27 April 2010
Scientists had engineered these plants to produce an insecticidal protein originally made by the soil bacteria Bacillus thuringeinsis (Bt)... more>>

Australia-India partnership to establish a bionanotechnology research center in New Delhi
Nanowerk, 16 April 2010
A new research centre to study food and water security and health care is to be established by Deakin University in partnership with TERI. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the two institutions recently to establish the new BioNanotechnology Research Centre in New Delhi... more>>

OTBL and Oil India Limited collaborate to use TERI developed “Oilzapper Technology” in Assam to treat hazardous oil spill and sludge
Business Wire India; 16 June 2009
TERI with the support from Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India, has developed a bacterial product known as 'Oilzapper' to clean up oil spills and treats hazardous oily sludge generated unavoidably by Oil Industry...more>>

Biotech surge
The Financial Express, 9 March 2009
Researchers at various government and private institutes in India are conducting extensive field trials on, not only biotech rice but, a host of other biotech crops before they are made available for cultivation on a commercial scale...more>>


Bimarou states shedding the tag
Business Standard, 24 July 2013
Poverty rates in Bimarou states - Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Odisha and Uttar Pradesh - fell sharply in the seven years ended 2011-12. In all these states, excluding Uttar Pradesh, the rate of decline in poverty levels was more than the national average. Across the country, poverty declined 15 percentage points - from 37.2 per cent in 2004-05 to 21.9 per cent in 2011-12. more>>

Govt puts infra projects on fast track
The Financial Express, 16 July 2013
A steering group anchored by the PMO to accelerate infrastructure investment will hold its first meeting soon. The steering group, which will be chaired by the PM's principal secretary and includes secretaries of ministries of finance, economic affairs, road, transport & highways, railways, shipping, civil aviation and power and Planning Commission, and was formed after the PM held a review meeting of all crucial infrastructure ministries recently. more>>

Private participation to ease funding pressure: Economic Survey 2011-12
Business Standard, 16 March 2012
The government anticipates the ambitious infrastructure financing target for the 12th Five-Year Plan will not be difficult to meet, despite credit growth in the infrastructure sector turning negative in the current year..more>>

Union Budget: Fiscal deficit target set at 5.1% of GDP in Budget 2012-13
The Economic Times, 16 March 2012
The fiscal deficit target for the Financial Year 13 has been projected at Rs 5.13 lakh by the Finance Minister Mr Pranab Mukherjee in his Union Budget 2012-13 speech...more>>

Government draws up plan to reduce outgo on subsidies
The Hindu, 12 March 2013
The Government has drawn up a comprehensive plan to reduce the outgo on subsides from 2.6 per cent of GDP in 2011-12 to 1.5 per cent by the end of the 12th Plan (2012-17).

Bihar tops in per capita income growth; Gujarat places 11th
Mint, 7 March 2013
SBihar has been the most successful in improving the living standards of its residents. It was followed by Madhya Pradesh, while Kerala at number three was a surprise.

ICICI, Citi, BoB to form NBFC to fund core sector
Business Standard, 5 March 2012
In a first of its kind alliance, three lenders have joined hands to form NBFC (non-banking finance company) to support infrastructure development in the country...more>>

MDGs: India makes impressive gains in 10 out of 22 counts
The Economic Times, 18 February 2012
With roughly three years left for India to achieve the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals), the country has managed to show significant progress in 10 of the 22 indicators...more>>

India's first special investment region to come up in Gujarat
Business Standard, 16 January 2012
With the first two phases of town planning and zonation completed this month, the country's first special investment region at Dholera in Gujarat is set to take off...more>>

National agriculture insurance scheme to be modified for farmers' protection
Business Standard, 1 March 2012
The government proposes to roll out an integrated farmer security plan by reworking insurance schemes and consolidating all other risk management schemes to benefit farmers at large...more>>

GoM clears new urea policy
Business Standard, 25 February 2012
In what could give the finance ministry an option to narrow down the fiscal deficit in the Budget next month, a group of ministers has cleared an investment policy for urea aimed at reducing the government’s subsidy burden...more>>

DIT proposes to set up Rs 500-cr corpus for small-scale sector
The Financial Express, 24 September 2011
DIT (department of information technology) proposes to set up a separate Rs 500-crore corpus for MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises)...more>>

Cabinet clears land acquisition Bill
Business Standard, 06 September 2011
The cabinet on Monday approved the draft Land Acquisition, Relief and Rehabilitation Bill with changes that take away some of the farmer-friendly features it boasted of and some of the teeth industry was concerned about...more>>

Exports growth could taper off as US, Europe slows
The Financial Express, 5 September 2011
Even as India’s growth indicators point to a clear slowdown in the industrial sector, it could be exports that bear the brunt...more>>

Draft manufacturing policy receives PM's in-principle nod
Business Standard, 10 June 2011
Hanging in balance for about a year, the draft National Manufacturing Policy today got in-principle nod from a high-level committee headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh...more>>

India's wealth to grow at 14% in 2010-15: report
The Financial Express, 2 June 2011
Wealth in India is all set to grow at 14% between 2010 and 2015 with the country’s assets under management (AUM) accounting for 8% of the overall increase in AUM...more>>

Health plan success may lead to wider spread for more schemes
The Economic Times, 2 May 2011
The government is examining the possibility of turning its two important social sector programmes into universal schemes covering the unorganised sector in phases, taking a cue from the successful extension of a health insurance plan to 23 million poor families...more>>

India, China to drive global growth
The Times of India, 29 April 2011
Asia will continue to lead global economic growth over the next two years even as it grapples with risks including inflation, turmoil in the Middle East and the effects of Japan's tsunami, the International Monetary Fund said...more>>

Twelfth Plan could see up to 9.5% GDP growth
The Financial Express, 20 April 2011
Hoping that the turbulent global economy won’t plunge into a long-drawn crisis, the Planning Commission will target an average real GDP expansion of 9-9.5% for the 12th Five Year Plan (2012-17), up more than a percentage point from the current Plan...more>>

Government set to liberalize FDI policy on JVs, tech tie-ups
Business Standard, 16 March 2011
The government is likely to liberalize the foreign direct investment norms for entry of foreign companies that have existing joint ventures or technical collaborations in India...more>>

A new approach to rural programmes in 12th plan
The Hindu, 4 March 2011
Rural development programmes have either reached a point of saturation or are lagging behind, calling for a rethink...more>>

Infrastructure needs more investment through PPP model
The Financial Express, 26 February 2011
Calling for a second green revolution through new technological inputs for increasing yield, the Economic Survey suggested higher investment in agriculture infrastructure like storage, communication, roads and market on a priority basis through the private public partnership model...more>>

Growth at 9 per cent for FY12 if oil's well
The Financial Express, 26 February 2011
Powered by a rebound in agriculture growth and a robust expansion in savings and investment rates, the country's economy would grow at 9 per cent or slightly more in the next fiscal if there is no 'disproportionate spike' in crude oil price, the Economic Survey has forecast...more>>

PM stresses on green regulatory policies
The Tribune , 4 February 2011
Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh said the country should have a structure of regulatory policies to check the potentially damaging impact of development projects. He, however, cautioned against the risk of reverting back to licence permit raj. Addressing the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit organized by TERI, he said incentives for sustainable development must encourage economic decision makers to act in an environmentally benign manner...more>>

IMF voices concern over weaker fiscal consolidation by emerging economies
The Hindu Business Line , 28 January 2011
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has said that fiscal balances in several key economies among the G20, most notably Brazil, China and India turned out "weaker than projected" in November last, even as fiscal consolidation in emerging economies is likely to continue this year. In its Fiscal Monitor Update, released in Washington , the Fund said the average fiscal deficit in 2011 is likely to decline by about 0.75 per cent of GDP, enough to keep the average gross general government debt ratio constant...more>>

Productivity in India races ahead of China
The Financial Express , 25 January 2011
Though China 's productivity, at about twice India 's in the last three decades, has really driven its growth story (along with higher capital investments), the wheel could soon be turning...more>>

Core sector grows at 21 month low of 2.3%
The Economic Times, 31 December 2010
The output of six key infrastructure sectors grew 2.3% in November from a year ago, the slowest pace in the last 21 months, raising the prospects of a drop in industrial growth for the month...more>>

India's share of global trade set to cross $550 b
The Economic Times, 31 December 2010
Emerging from the grip of a crippling recession, world trade is set to surge by 13.5% in 2010, with a resurgent India contributing over half a trillion dollars to global commerce for the first time in history...more>>

India–Russia set $20-billion trade target in 5 years
The Economic Times, 21 December 2010
India and Russia have set a target of more than quadrupling the bilateral trade to $20 billion in five years. The two countries identified pharmaceuticals, energy, IT & communication, chemicals & fertilizers and banking & finance as thrust areas in a protocol on trade and investment signed on Monday. An ambitious trade target and renewed focus on key sectors could help both countries increase presence in each other's markets, which has fallen to low levels after disintegration of the USSR. Bilateral trade in 2009/10 was at $4.7 billion, with India's exports at less than $1 billion...more>>

Single licence, sops for risk taking on cards to attract investments in mining
The Financial Express, 27 November 2010
In a move that could significantly reduce hassles for investors, most mining related approvals — including environmental and scientific — will be combined in a single licence. An incentive structure to promote risk taking by investors would also be one of the salient features of the revamped mineral policy on the cards, apart from a new formula for power sharing between the Centre and states. The GoM headed by finance minister Mr Pranab Mukherjee also felt the need for an empowered coordination committee at the Centre to reconcile the policies of different ministries at an operational level...more>>

India to grow at fastest pace globally by '12: Report
The Times of India, 16 November 2010
India is set to become the fastest growing major economy in the world by 2012 and the third largest by GDP-size in the next two decades , behind China and the USA, a global study by British banking giant Standard Chartered said... more>>

Gujarat launches innovation fund
Business Standard, 16 November 2010
In a move to support innovation among small and medium enterprises in Gujarat, the state government has launched a fund with a corpus of around Rs 60 crore. Gujarat Chief Minister Mr Narendra Modi said that one of the main focus areas for the government is SMEs... more>>

Obama seeks wider access to Indian market
The Financial Express, 8 November 2010
US President Mr Barack Obama sought reciprocity in trade and wider access to Indian market to allay the fears of Americans about losing more jobs to the new growth centre of the world—Asian economies like India and China. Sending out a firm indication of the growing ties between US and India Mr Obama has already promised to remove restrictions on US high tech exports to India while announcing commercial deals worth $15 billion that will support 54,000 American jobs... more>>

India, US urged to form CEOs' forum for small, medium units
The Hindu Business Line, 1 October 2010
The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India should create a focus group under US-India Trade Policy Forum for SMEs, said Mr Uday Kumar Varma, Secretary, Ministry of MSME at the Growth in Emerging Metropolitan Sector conference, held in Pune recently... more>>

ADB raises India's GDP growth forecast to 8.5%
Business Standard, 29 September 2010
The Asian Development Bank raised the 2010 economic growth forecast for India to 8.5 per cent, from 8.2 per cent estimated in April. However, it warned that high inflation and an appreciating rupee could potentially weaken future robust expansion... more>>

National Innovation council aims to set up $1-billion fund
Business Standard, 15 September 2010
The newly constituted National Innovation Council headed by Mr Sam Pitroda, aims to have a $1-billion (around Rs 46 billion) fund to promote new ideas for inclusive development and innovation in the
country... more>>

Investment norms for foreign firms with India ties may ease
Business Standard, 12 September 2010
To further simplify the foreign investment regime, the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion proposes to ease investment norms for foreign companies that have existing joint ventures or technical collaborations in India... more>>

India 2nd in global competitiveness
Business Standard, 11 July 2010
India has been ranked second, ahead of the United States and South Korea, in terms of manufacturing competence globally, a report by Deloitte has said...more>>

India will grow at 9.5 per cent in 2010, says IMF
Business Standard, 9 July 2010
IMF (International Monetary Fund) revised its growth projection for India in 2010 to 9.5 per cent...more>>

Finance Bill passed with some tax relief
Mint, 30 April 2010
The Union Budget for 2010-11 was cleared with Parliament passing the Finance Bill after amendments to provide marginal direct and indirect tax concessions to sectors such as healthcare and construction... more>>

Economy will grow 8.5%: FM
Deccan Herald, 29 April 2010
The Centre has projected the economy to grow by 8.5 per cent in the current fiscal 2010/11 and over 9 per cent in 2011/12 but expressed concern over inflation nearing the double digit figure... more>>

PM pitches for cooperation in energy, food sector
The Financial Express, 17 April 2010
Noting that India, Russia, China and Brazil are resource rich, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh pitched for close cooperation among them in the fields of energy and food security besides tapping potential in other sectors like trade and investment, science and technology and infrastructure... more>>

ADB raises India's growth forecast to 7%
The Times of India, 16 December 2009
The Asian Development Bank raised its growth forecasts for developing economies in Asia on Tuesday, but warned against any hasty withdrawal of stimulus packages, saying they were needed to ensure a solid recovery. It also cautioned governments that restricting the capital flooding Asia's emerging economies carried risks, suggesting that allowing more flexible exchange rates was one way to control the investment flows into the region. The report showed that the ADB maintained its growth forecasts for China at 8.2% in 2009 and 8.9% in 2010. It raised the 2009 growth forecast for India to 7% from 6%, but kept 2010 at 7%. The ADB raised its regional forecast to 4.5% on average in 2009 and 6.6% in 2010 from expectations in September of 3.9% and 6.4%, respectively...more>>

Government plans education model for rural healthcare
The Financial Express, 19 October 2009
In order to bridge the rural-urban healthcare access divide, the government is planning to create a scheme wherein it could impart medical training to selected candidates from rural areas on the condition that they have to serve a certain prescribed tenure in rural areas...more>>

Economy to grow by 6.5 pc, says PM's panel
The Tribune, 15 October 2009
Despite poor foodgrain production, rising crude oil prices and the uncertain economic environment around the world, India is expected to grow by around 6-8 per cent in the current year...more>>

IMF pares India's 2010 growth forecast to 6.4%
Mint, 3 October 2009
India and China will lead the world out of a deep recession in 2010 but the global recovery could be sluggish, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) said in the latest edition of the World Economic Outlook, its bi-annual report on the world economy...more>>

New IT policy pitches for Bangalore as R&D innovation hub
Deccan Herald, 2 October 2009
From IT for the common man to pitchfork Bangalore as a hub for R&D, product development and innovation, will be the key focus of the new IT Policy currently being formulated by the Karnataka State government...more>>

PM favours new strategy to boost demand for investment
Business Standard, 26 September 2009
India has outlined a new strategy of expanding investment demand, with a view to expediting the process of the ongoing global economic recovery...more>>

ADB, UK to give $14 million in tech assistance
The Financial Express, 2 September 2009
The ADB (Asian Development Bank) and the United Kingdom would provide $14 million in technical assistance to help improve the quality and delivery time of projects in a few states...more>>

Trade policy offers exporters more sops
Business Standard, 28 August 2009
The government has allowed duty-free import of capital goods, extended the duty refund scheme for exporters, and cut transaction costs for them, in a bid to reverse the decline in exports and double outbound sales of goods and services in five years...more>>

UNIDO to launch industrial clusters
The Hindu, 25 August 2009
The UNIDO has joined hands with the DIPP to launch a series of new industrial projects worth $9 million to benefit industry...more>>

Cabinet forms team to monitor infra projects
Business Standard, 12 July 2009
In an attempt to get core sector projects off the ground, the government has constituted a 13 member Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure, which will be headed by the prime minister...more>>

More focus on rural India: expenditure increased by 45%
Mint, 7 July 2009
In a bid to attack poverty, Finance Minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, announced lavish spending to build rural infrastructure, reduce poverty, and raise employment opportunities among the youth...more>>

Economy is sound, let's push reforms, says Economic Survey
Business Standard; 3 July 2009
Painting a picture of a resilient economy, the pre-Budget Economic Survey 2008-09, tabled in Parliament by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, said India could grow up to 7.75 per cent in 2009-10, up from 6.7 per cent in 2008-09, provided the global economy, particularly the United States, bottomed out by September and the government was able to push the button on significant economic policy reforms...more>>

Urban mission to add 28 cities, seeks Rs 1.5 lakh crore funding
The Financial Express; 30 June 2009
The government is working on the expansion of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) by including cities having a population of at least 5 lakh, thus expanding into 28 more cities, and is seeking to raise earmarked funds from Rs 1,00,000 crore to Rs 1,50,000 crore...more>>

At 8%, India to grow fastest in 2010: World Bank
The Economic Times, 23 June 2009
The World Bank has projected an 8% growth for India in 2010, which will make it the fastest-growing economy for the first time, overtaking China's expected 7.7% growth...more>>

Green homes: For a sustainable tomorrow
The Economic Times, 4 June 2009
Building 'green' homes has become a necessity, for a sustainable tomorrow and the real estate sector, too, is slowly waking up to the potential of carbon credit trading. Even though there has been a great amount of activity in the commercial sector, opposite is the case, in the residential space...more>>

Infrastructure growth kindles revival hopes
The Financial Express; 3 June 2009
Reviving hopes of a recovery in industrial production, which has been sliding since December, the index of infrastructure sectors grew 4.3% in April, against 2.3% a year earlier...more>>

Political stability to positively impact India's rating: S&P
The Financial Express; 22 May 2009
Formation of a stable government at the Centre will have positive implications for India's sovereign rating, global agency Standard and Poor's today said without indicating when it would review country's rating...more>>

Indo-US ties need to be 'reset'
Mint; 18 may 2009
As the election of 2009 in the world's biggest democracy creates history by returning the Congress-led coalition to power, it is an opportunity to pause and ponder on what kind of global scenario the Prime Minister will inherit and how he might address it....more>>

RBI survey of forecasters predicts 5.7% GDP growth
The Hindu Business Line, 15 May 2009
The real gross domestic product (GDP) growth for the current fiscal will be 5.7 per cent, the latest survey of professional forecasters by the RBI says....more>>

Trade policy to be aligned with GST after April1, 2010
Business Standard; 17 April 2009
The new foreign trade policy, which is being prepared by the commerce ministry, will be aligned with the GST (Goods and Services Tax) only after implementation of this indirect tax mechanism....more>>

Nuts and bolts of revival
The Hindu Business Line, 17 April 2009
A close look at industrial output data since 2004, when the good times began, suggests that the present downturn is not entirely due to the slowdown.....more>>

Investors pour $794 million in Asia funds; India sees inflows
Business Standard, 14 April 2009
Global investors have poured in over $ 794 million in Asia-dedicated equity funds in the first week of April as India-focussed funds broke their 11-week outflow streak.....more>>

Migration to cities will ease poverty: World Bank
The Financial Express, 13 March 2009
Urbanisation can help lift people out of poverty, the World Bank said in its World Development Report 2009: Reshaping Economic Geography ....more>>

Now, an economic governance index for districts
The Economic Times, 11 March 2009
A group of researchers at the Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR) are trying to come up with a unique index that will help gauge economic governance at the district level....more>>

MSMEs: Brand new opportunities
The Economic Times, 6 March 2009
Given the economic distress worldwide, the micro, small and medium scale enterprises (MSME) had been hit hard. Large numbers of workers have been laid off because of depressed demand, piled up inventory, pending retrievables and squeezed credit market
Economy gets another rate cut stimulus...more>>

Economy gets another rate-cut stimulus
The Economic Times, 5 March 2009
Amid mounting fears that the slowdown could linger, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor is not holding back policy ammunition....more>>

Fiscal gap at 7.8 pct of GDP with oil bonds
The Financial Express, 26 February 2009
Including bonds issued to oil and fertilizer companies, the Indian government's fiscal deficit for the year to March is estimated at 4.22 trillion rupees ($84 billion)....more>>

Finance Minister unveils fiscal stimulus III
Business Standard, 25 February 2009
Finance Minister Mr Pranab Mukherjee announced a stimulus package for the economy, the third this financial year, cutting excise duty and service tax two percentage points each, effective midnight, and extending previous excise cuts beyond 31 March 2009....more>>

Decks cleared for Delhi SEZs
The Asian Age, 19 February 2009
The Delhi government announced a service sector specific SEZ (special economic zone) policy for the city. The government move has now cleared the ways for setting up SEZs promoted by the leading firms of the

Influencing India
Business Standard, 1 January 2009
Wielding power is relatively easy, particularly when you get it through birth or through elections, but influence is something altogether different - it can sometimes flow from power but it can just as easily be divorced from it. Among the list of those who wield enormous influence in their fields, there are those with genuine international reach, like Dr R K Pachauri on global warming, Mr Ratan Tata in the most influential board rooms around the world, and Mr Mukesh Ambani, who is on the governing bodies of the Brookings Institution in Washington and the International Red Cross....more>>

India to give opportunities for business growth: Study
Business Standard, 17 December 2008
As the markets evolve and adjust to new realities, several opportunities are likely to emerge for the entrepreneur to start and grow businesses in India thereby meeting the country's inclusive growth target, says a joint perception survey....more>>


Meeting new challenges: Responsible business – Annapurna Vancheswaran
The Financial Express, 30 September 2011
In the past couple of years, the business environment has been dynamic and constantly changing.

Indian SMEs high on optimism: report
The Financial Express, 18 June 2009
Despite the economic downturn, Indian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) showed most optimism regarding economic growth in 2009, over majority of their counterparts in the Asia-Pacific, the UPS Asia Business Monitor survey reveals ....more>>

RIL, ONGC, Bharti among 500 top global companies: report
The Financial Express; 1 June 2009
Ten Indian companies, including Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries and telecom major Bharti Airtel, are among the 500 top global companies for 2009 in terms of market capitalisation, according to The Financial Times.....more>>


Addressing urban povert
The Hindu, 3 June 2009
India's inequalities are more glaring in its urban areas. The country's urban poor, according to Planning Commission estimates, number 80 million and constitute 25.70 per cent of the urban population...more>>


World Bank funds Indian project on energy-efficient fans
Hindustan Times, 2 June 2013
The World Bank is providing $50 million to the government's Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) to produce five million super-energy efficient fans that would help India save 100mw power every day. A super-energy efficient fan would consume 35 watts as against 70 watts consumed by a normal fan.

TERI launches a new rating system for large scale developments
Reuters Alert Net, 19 February 2013
In order to promote energy efficiency across the spectrum to reduce carbon footprint, TERI and ADARSH (Association for Development and Research of Sustainable Habitats) jointly launched the GRIHA LD- an offshoot of highly successful GRIHA and SVAGRIHA - the green rating for integrated habitat assessment which has been conceptualized especially for buildings whose total built up area is greater than or equal to 1,50,000 sq.m.

India: President for increasing energy efficiency in building sector
The Economic Times, 14 February 2013
To effectively manage the rising demand of power, President Mr Pranab Mukherjee stressed on increasing energy efficiency in the building sector and utilizing renewable energy.

TERI launches assessment tool to predict energy performance in residential buildings
The Economic Times, 14 September 2012
TERI has launched a toolkit to predict energy performance in new residential projects in India, especially energy-intensive high-rise buildings. This will help identify energy saving potential in various projects when compared to a reference building. more>>

Now, small buildings can go for green stars
The Times of India, 3 September 2012
The focus of energy efficiency has usually been large buildings, whether residential or commercial. Now, there is a project that will help smaller buildings reduce their carbon footprint. more>>

India: 'Cool roofs' mandatory for all new buildings
The Indian Express, 16 August 2012
A recent study by Power Ministry's Bureau of Energy Efficiency says electricity consumption can be brought down by 25 per cent with adoption of cool roofs. more>>

Energy efficiency targets for core sector units fixed
The Financial Express, 2 April 2012
Industrial units of the core sectors, like steel and fertilizer, may have to pay a penalty of Rs 10,154 for every tonne of oil equivalent energy shortfall, if they fail to meet the new energy efficiency targets set by the government...more>>

Government introduces energy efficiency norms for industry
Mint, 31 March 2012
The government has finally set the ball rolling on forcing India’s industrial units to make their use of energy more efficient...more>>

Government extends popular accelerated depreciation scheme for wind power producers
The Economic Times, 27 March 2012
The government has decided to extend the popular accelerated depreciation incentive for wind power producers beyond 31 March, when it was due to be terminated, as the alternative generation based schemes have not found enough takers...more>>

New energy norms hike fridge, AC prices
The Times of India, 25 January 2012
Prices of refrigerators and air conditioners are rising on the back of the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) norms that came into force at the start of the year...more>>

Tata Capital to disburse Rs 5k crore for clean energy projects
The Economic Times, 4 January 2012
Tata Capital has said that it would disburse around Rs 5,000 crore over five years for clean energy projects. The company has entered into an agreement with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) for extending funds for energy efficiency initiatives...more>>

Securing the future: Energy security – Charles K Ebinger
The Financial Express, 3 October 2011
Despite evidence of a direct relationship between energy access and social, economic, and political stability, policy makers in India rarely fully appreciate the importance of energy security to national and economic security...more>>

India: Release of draft guidelines for green large area development
Steel Guru, 22 September 2011
Mr Deepak Gupta secretary, ministry of new and renewable energy released the “Draft Guidelines and benchmarks for green large area developments such as townships, neighborhoods, educational and institutional campuses, special economic zones and medical college hospitals”...more>>

TERI and HUDCO plan green buildings
The Times of India, 14 September 2011
HUDCO (Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd) will soon construct only energy efficient buildings that will have a minimum of a three-star rating. The government agency has tied up with TERI to develop designs and build capacity in the sector of energy efficiency...more>>

South Asia needs to build energy cooperation, says expert
One World South Asia, 7 September 2011
Energy policy specialist Dr Charles K Ebinger spoke on the inner workings of South Asia’s energy sector and its future prospects at the launch of his latest book, Energy and Security in South Asia: Cooperation or Conflict?. The event was organized by TERI and the Brookings Institution...more>>

PSU wealth, $5 billion forex to help build energy fund
The Financial Express, 25 August 2011
Keen to reduce the economy's vulnerability to costly and rising energy imports, the finance ministry and Planning Commission have decided to move fast on setting up a sovereign fund to acquire natural assets like oil, coal and gas abroad...more>>

IIM-A incubator to start Rs 100 crore green fund
Mint, 24 August 2011
IIM-A (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad) incubation centre is starting a `100 crore fund that will back start-ups developing technology related to sustainable energy...more>>

Educational campuses rush to qualify as green structures
Mint, 2 August 2011
In the delta region where the Cauvery flows into the Bay of Bengal in Thiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu, what’s billed as India’s first completely green university campus is coming up on 517 acres sprawled across two villages...more>>

Financing bridges energy efficiency barriers
The Financial Express, 5 June 2011
India, the second most rapidly growing economy in the world, has been facing significant challenges in providing reliable power to its urban cities and meeting basic electricity needs for its rural population...more>>

India Inc expands its green footprint
The Financial Express, 5 June 2011
In an attempt to attract customers and also show their concern for the environment, India Inc is going green by constructing environment-friendly buildings and registering for green rating for their buildings...more>>

IBM, BEE partner for India’s first smart grid
Financial Chronicle, 18 May 2011
IBM has announced that it is working with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) to create the country’s first smart grid project...more>>

OIL and TERI sign a ten year agreement to augment research in areas of petroleum biotechnology and new & renewable energy sources
APN News; 25 April 2011
India’s national oil company Oil India Limited (OIL) signed a ten year MOU with TERI to broaden the scope of Joint Research Collaboration in areas of Petroleum Biotechnology and New & Renewable Energy Sources. The MOU was singed by Mr B N Talukdar, Director Exploration and development, OIL and Mr M M Joshi, Director Technology Dissemination and Enterprise Development, TERI in the presence of Mr N M Borah, Chairman and Managing Director, OIL and Dr R K Pachauri, Director General, TERI...more>>

Eight sectors to pump Rs300 billion into green technology
The Indian Express , 27 January 2011
In a significant boost to green energy, eight industrial sectors, including power and fertilizers, are set to invest Rs 300 billion over the next three years in energy-efficient technology, which will help them save 10 million tonnes of oil equivalent...more>>

US government arm to give $100 million for energy projects
Business Standard, 10 November 2010
The US OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation) will provide $100 million in financing for the $300 million South Asia Energy Fund, part of GEF (Global Environment Fund)...more>>

$175 million worth deals on clean energy signed
The Hindu, 9 November 2010
Even as India and the US inked an agreement to establish a bilateral energy cooperation programme to promote clean and energy-efficient businesses, Indian and US companies inked joint venture deals worth $175 million in the renewable energy sector...more>>

TERI-North America organizes the 2nd US-India Energy Partnership Summit 2010: Technologies & Policies for Energy Security
Business Wire India, 30 September 2010
Carrying the momentum of unprecedented cooperation and providing the perfect setting for deliberation on strategies and activities for Indo-US collaboration towards energy security ahead of the much awaited visit of US President Mr Barack Obama to India in November, TERI North America organized the second annual US-India Energy Partnership Summit...more>>

Rajya Sabha clears nuclear liability Bill
The Hindu Business Line, 31 August 2010
The path has been cleared for victims of a nuclear accident to claim higher compensation than earlier. This follows the Rajya Sabha clearing the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill 2010. The Bill, which has already been passed by the Lok Sabha, seeks to hike the operator's liability three-fold to Rs 15 billion... more>>

Engineering giants gear to set up nuclear projects
Business Standard, 31 August 2010
With passage of the nuclear liability Bill, the heavy engineering supply chain, led by Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL), Larsen & Toubro (L&T) and Bharat Forge Ltd, is gearing to take up the challenge ahead. India plans 25,000 Mw of nuclear capacity addition by 2020 and this will be partly done through indigenous technology-driven reactors for a capacity addition of about 7000 Mw and the balance through technology transfers from countries such as Russia, France and the US... more>>

New emission norms for nine sectors
The Asian Age, 8 July 2010
The Government will introduce new emission limits for mine designed energy intensive industrial sectors, including thermal power, cement, iron and steel, railways and fertilizer by April, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency director general Dr Ajay Mathur said. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency, under the ministry of power, has worked out a mechanism to specify the parameters to enable companies cut their energy consumption and save energy for trading credits.

NTPC, CIL tie up for foreign assets
The Financial Express, 29 April 2010
NTPC and CIL (Coal India Ltd) have formed a JV (joint venture) to pursue acquisition of coal assets in India and abroad, raising questions about the future of another JV, ICVL (International Coal Ventures Ltd), that was set up by NTPC along with steel major SAIL (Steel Authority of India Ltd), RINL (Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd), CIL and NMDC two years ago with a similar objective but still remains a non starter... more>>

Coal India to seal deals abroad in six months
Business Standard, 26 April 2010
Government owned CIL (Coal India Ltd), the world's largest miner, expects to seal strategic partnership deals with three listed companies abroad within six months, including Peabody Energy of the US... more>>

Amendments to Energy Act cleared
The Hindu, 11 December 2009
The Union Cabinet has approved amendments to the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 to introduce the system of issuing energy saving certificates to be traded in the domestic market. The 'Perform, Achieve and Trade' mechanism would assign energy efficiency improvement targets to the country's most energy-intensive industrial units, with the provision of allowing them to retain any energy efficiency improvements in excess of their target in the form of Energy Saving Certificates. The units will also be allowed to use purchased certificates to meet their greenhouse gases emission targets. The approval for the amendments comes just as the negotiations for a comprehensive climate treaty are under way in Copenhagen. The provision for such a mechanism was made under the National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency. The industries that could benefit from these certificates are steel, cement and aluminium...more>>

NPCIL lines up Rs 330 billion for Maharashtra nuclear plant
The Financial Express, 15 October 2009
Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL), which currently operates projects having a total capacity of 4120 mw, has tied up funds of Rs 330 billion for two units of 1,650-mw each at the nuclear power project at Jaitapur in Maharashtra...more>>

Essar to ink pact for blocks in Nigeria, Vietnam
The Financial Express, 3 October 2009
Essar Group will sign a contract for exploring offshore blocks in Nigeria and Vietnam. Essar Exploration, which currently has stakes in six overseas oil and gas blocks, would have a 100% stake in OPL 226 area in Nigeria and Block 114 in Vietnam...more>>

GSPC builds on LNG trading biz
Business Standard, 29 September 2009
Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd (GSPC) is planning to import one liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargo every month as part of its strategy to enter into the LNG trading business...more>>

Indian Oil enters nuclear power
The Hindustan Times, 2 September 2009
Aided by the Indo-US nuclear deal, public sector giants are eyeing new fortunes in nuclear power. Indian Oil Corp has joined the fray with a plan to enter nuclear power generation...more>>

National mission on enhanced energy efficiency approved
The Hindu, 25 August 2009
The Prime Minister's Council on Climate Change has approved 'in principle' the National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency...more>>

Far-sighted policy-making and investment decisions can ensure energy Security - Krishnan, Rekha
The Financial Express, 24 August 2009
Energy insecurity is a matter of grave concern for all. More so for India. The country is already on a shaky wicket importing 75% of its oil consumption with 75% of these imports from just one region—West Asia...more>>

Private entry into nuclear power, coal mining
Business Standard; 3 July 2009
The Economic Survey has made a pitch for greater private participation in the infrastructure sector, including the sensitive sectors of nuclear power generation and coal mining...more>>

Green buildings may define new status quotient
The Economic Times, 20 June 2009
The ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) has undertaken an exhaustive exercise to gauge energy conservation efficiency of over 1000 buildings across the five climatic zones of India...more>>

Energy efficiency a top priority for India Inc
The Financial Express, 10 June 2009
The Energy Efficiency Indicator (EEI) survey for corporate India , reveals that 47% of the respondents are paying more attention to energy efficiency, compared to last year and 94% of the respondents feel that energy management is extremely important...more>>

Russia offers India role in uranium centre project
The Hindu Business Line, 15 April 2009
Russia has offered India the option of participating in its IUEC (International Uranium Enrichment Centre) at Angarsk, Siberia as a means of securing guaranteed fuel supplies in the future...more>>

India's energy conundrum- Srivastava, Leena
Financial Chronicle, 10 March 2009
Following the usual pattern of the past several decades, half way into a Plan period the estimates for electricity capacity expansion have been severely downsized from the original level to roughly half of it...more>>

Kakodkar: India all set to achieve N-power target
The Tribune, 19 February 2009
Despite the current economic recession, India is well on course to surpass the production target of 20,000 MW of nuclear power by 2020, the Atomic Energy Commission chairman Dr Anil Kakodkar said...more>>

BEE gets to set fuel efficiency norms
Mint, 30 December 2008
The Union government has finally empowered the BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) to set fuel efficiency standards for the country's automobile industry, putting an end to a turf war between two ministries...more>>

Energy policy gets Cabinet nod
The Indian Express, 27 December 2008
The Union Cabinet approved an Integrated Energy Policy for the country...more>>

TERI inks deal with Mexican institute
The Hindu; 25 December 2008
To devise energy efficient policies and technologies of renewable energies and their usage in India and Mexico, TERI and the Centre for Innovation and Renewable Energy (CIRE), Mexico City signed a memorandum of understanding. As per the MoU, TERI will work closely with CIRE in the areas of human resources and infrastructure development; working out the research agenda and its plan of action so that the aims of CIRE are met...more>>

India to invest in uranium mines in Russia
The Financial Express, 25 December 2008
India will invest in uranium mines in Russia, Kazakhstan and a few other countries to acquire up to 50% ownership to ensure uninterrupted supply of fuel for its safeguarded nuclear power plants, according to a top official...more>>


Coal India eyes assets in Myanmar and Botswana
The Financial Express, 17 July 2013
Coal India (CIL) is planning to invest in new coal assets in Myanmar and Botswana after its decision to start mining in Mozambique by FY 17. A coal ministry official told CIL's entry into Myanmar could be very strategic for India as this could create scope for wider Indian investment in the country alongside Chinese investment.

CIL to import 20 million tons of coal
The Statesman, 7 March 2013
Coal India, world's biggest producer of coal, may import as much as 20 million tons of the fuel next fiscal to comply with orders to increase supplies to power utilities and avoid paying penalties.

India to become 2nd largest coal consumer in 2024: BP report
The Hindu Business Line, 4 February 2013
India is expected to overtake US as second largest coal consumer in 2024, according to BP World Energy Outlook 2030. Nearly 93 per cent of the net growth in demand to 2030 will come just from India and China.

Centre draws up plans to restructure Coal India
The Hindu, 17 January 2013
The Centre aims to set in motion the restructuring process of Coal India Ltd. (CIL) for which consultants are being engaged, Coal Minister Mr Sriprakash Jaiswal said.

Govt starts Coal India restructuring process
Business Standard, 8 January 2013
State-run coal miner Coal India Ltd is heading for a restructuring, with the government on Monday inviting expressions of interest (EoI) from consultants to draw out a plan. The idea is to spin off CIL subsidiaries as independent entities to ramp up production by infusing competition.

CIL arm finds coal in Mozambique
The Economic Times, 11 December 2012
A wholly-owned subsidiary of state-run Coal India has hit coal seams during exploration in Mozambique, a senior company executive said. Coal India Africana Limitada, which had drilled four boreholes in the southeast African nation, has hit coal in all four of them, making it the subsidiary's first success overseas, the executive said.

CIL to acquire coal mines in South Africa
Business Standard, 9 August 2012
Amid the country facing acute coal shortages, Coal India (CIL) moved a step forward with its plans to acquire coal mines abroad by initiating the process of forming a subsidiary in South Africa.more>>

Presidential directive to CIL on supply to power companies
The Financial Express, 4 April 2012
The government issued a presidential directive to Coal India (CIL) that will make it mandatory for the public sector mining company to supply a minimum level of fuel to thermal power projects...more>>

Coal ministry go-ahead to new pricing mechanism
The Financial Express, 24 December 2011
The Union coal ministry has given a go-ahead to gross calorific value-based (GCV) pricing of coal from January 1, after a series of meetings...more>>

Govt to import 194 million tonnes coal by 2017, Says Minister
The Pioneer, 28 December 2011
With Coal India Ltd (CIL) already having downwardly revised its production target to 440 million tonnes from the original 452 million tonnes due to various factors like heavy rains and delays in grant of forest and environmental clearances, the Government has further painted a grim picture of the dry fuel crisis by saying the country is likely to import 194 million tonnes of coal in 2017, as against 135 million tonnes at present, to meet the demand of the power sector...more>>

Coal India set to invest Rs 40k cr in 12th Plan
Business Standard, 3 October 2011
State-run Coal India said it might invest up to Rs 40,000 crore in the 12th Plan period ending 2017 towards development of mines for augmenting production...more>>

India Inc on coal mine acquisition drive
The Economic Times, 17 December 2010
Coal mine acquisitions have risen sharply in India in the current year and are expected to rise further due to strong demand, as user companies in steel and power industries expand capacities and fuel the need for larger coal usage. However, the pace of acquisitions would be tempered by new regulations that will focus on the role of companies in mining and in developing adequate rehabilitation policies for displaced people...more>>

New Mechanism on anvil to free coal blocks from no-go list
Business Standard, 27 November 2010
At a time when many coal blocks have come under a 'no-go' restriction, the government plans to tweak the approach adopted for calculating the green cover of a block-bearing region to dilute the average affected forest land. While this measure would not reduce the impact of mining on the environment, it will help free around 25% area from the no-go list. The mechanism, if adopted, could come as some relief for around two dozen companies, including NTPC, Coal India, Hindalco, Essar Power and Adani, whose coal blocks have come under the no-go shadow...more>>

Adani to spend $4 billion on Aussie mine
Business Standard, 30 September 2010
After completing its big-ticket acquisition of an Australian coal asset from Linc Energy, Adani Enterprises will now make an additional investment of $3.5-4 billion (Rs 157-180 billion) to develop the necessary mining infrastructure and logistics, including a rail link and a coal terminal in a port facility...more>>

NTPC eyes stake in foreign mines
Deccan Chronicle, 31 August 2010
NTPC is expanding its operations into neighbouring countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The PSU is also scouting for new coal and natural gas sources to boost fuel security for its plants...more>>

CIL road shows for foreign anchors
The Economic Times, 25 August 2010
CIL (Coal India) will kick off road shows to bring in foreign anchor investors from September 6 for its proposed IPO where the government will divest 10% of its stake. Road shows for domestic anchor investors will start from August 31...more>>

Coal blocks to private companies via auction
The Times of India, 14 August 2010
Government has moved a bill in Rajya Sabha for amendment of the Mining Act to pave the way for auction of coal blocks for captive use by industries like power, steel and cement. Moving the Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2008, mines minister Mr B K Handique said the present system of allocating coal blocks for captive use through a screening committee "is vulnerable to criticism on the ground of lack of transparency and objectivity"...more>>

Government to speed up green nod for coal projects
The Financial Express, 19 June 2009
The government said it will develop model TORs (terms of reference) for coal projects to bring down the time taken in assigning environmental clearances to such projects from 3–5 years...more>>

Government to speed up green nod for coal projects
The Financial Express; 19 June 2009
The government said it will develop model terms of reference for coal projects to bring down the time taken in assigning environmental clearances to such projects from 3-5 years...more>>

Govt may allow pvt coal mining
Business Standard, 16 June 2009
In a bid to plug the demand and supply gap of coal in the country, the government is considering a proposal to open coal mining to the private sector...more>>

NTPC to source 30-40 MT coal from abroad
The Financial Express, 18 February 2009
State-run power producer NTPC is targeting coal reserves in Indonesia, Mozambique and South Africa to source 30-40 MT of the fuel for meeting its requirement...more>>

Oil & gas

India: Essar, Reliance aim to produce 6.5 MMSCMD coal bed methane in next two years
The Economic Times, 11 July 2013
India's gas supply is expected to get a boost from coal bed methane (CBM) after the government removed uncertainty over its pricing. Essar Oil and Reliance Industries will add about 6.5 million standard cubic meters per day CBM output in the next two years, which is enough to generate about 1,573 mw of power.

Panel set up to frame draft policy on extension of PSCs
The Hindu, 19 July 2013
The Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry has constituted a committee to frame a draft policy on granting extension to production sharing contracts (PSCs) awarded to private joint ventures where the economic life of the field is not yet over when the PSCs get due for expiry.

India-Kazakh pipeline can extend to Russia
The Hindu, 6 March 2013
A proposed hydrocarbon pipeline from Kazakhstan will have the potential to be extended to Russia resolving the headache of transportation that has vexed Indian energy security managers when they scout for hydrocarbon collaboration with Moscow.

Reliance, BP to invest $5 billion to boost KG-D6 gas field output
The Financial Express, 20 February 2013
BP and Reliance Industries, partners in oil exploration in India, said on Tuesday they planned to invest in excess of $5 billion over the next three to five years.

India to have 18 mt crude stock by 2020
Business Standard, 17 February 2013
The government is looking to build storage capacity for about 18 million tonnes (mt) of crude by 2020 in a bid to insulate India, which is heavily dependent on imports for its energy needs, from supply disturbances.

DGH to invite bids for seven CBM blocks under fifth round of auction
The Financial Express, 6 February 2013
The Directorate General of Hydrocarbons will soon offer seven coal bed methane blocks under the fifth round of bidding with the Central Mine and Planning & Design Institute (CMPDI) finalizing the data dossier.

Cairn allowed to raise Rajasthan oil output
The Hindu Business Line, 5 January 2013
Cairn India and its partner ONGC have been allowed to increase output from the company's Rajasthan oilfields by up to 3 lakh barrels per day (bpd) from the 1.75 lakh barrels at present.

Oil India to set up LNG terminal
Business Standard, 11 December 2012
Even as domestic gas production has fallen 8 per cent, Oil India Ltd (OIL) is planning to set up a liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving terminal in India. The company plans to set up a 2.5-million tonne (mt) capacity terminal.

Oil India set to acquire shale asset in US
Business Standard, 24 September 2012
State-run Oil India, nation's second largest explorer, is in advanced stages of discussion with Carrizo Oil and Gas Inc to acquire stake in Niobrara Shale in North Eastern Colorado. more>>

ONGC Videsh makes a foray into Azebaijan
The Hindu, 9 September 2012
State-run Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Videsh Ltd (OVL) has announced that it had bought US energy company Hess Corp's stake in in Azeri, Chirag and Guneshli group of oil fields for $1 billion making its debut in Azerbaijan. more>>

Petronet to start work on third LNG terminal, signs pact with GPL
Business Standard, 3 May 2012
Petronet LNG, India’s biggest liquefied natural gas (LNG) importer, on Wednesday signed an agreement to invest Rs 4,500 crore in building a five-million-tonne import terminal at Gangavaram Port on the Andhra coast...more>>

RIL, BP submit revised field development plan
Business Standard, 6 April 2012
With KG-D6 output hitting an all- time low, Reliance Industries and its British partner BP plc have submitted to the government a revised field development plan for enhancing gas production from MA field in the block...more>>

ONGC inks MoU with ConocoPhillips for shale resources
The Indian Express, 31 March 2012
In the first mega deal in the energy sector this year, public sector Oil and Natural Gas Corporation and US oil giant ConocoPhillips have signed a MoU for co-operation in exploration and development of shale resources in India, North America and elsewhere besides deepwater opportunities offshore in eastern India...more>>

Turkmenistan gas pipeline moves closer to reality
The Hindustan Times, 10 February 2012
The Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India natural gas pipeline project has moved closer to realization with petroleum ministry set to approach the cabinet for approval of Gas Sales and Purchase Agreement between GAIL and Tukmen Gaz for delivering hydrocarbon at Fazilka in Punjab...more>>

RIL gets in principle nod to develop new D6 fields
The Economic Times, 4 January 2012
The government has given in-principle approval to Reliance Industries' $1.5-billion plan to develop new gas fields in the D6 block to produce an estimated 10 mmscmd, signalling a significant upturn in the relationship between the oil ministry and the conglomerate...more>>

Euro-III fuel to be phased out in 7 cities from March 31
The Economic Times, 29 December 2011
Environment-friendly Euro-IV quality petrol and diesel will be sold in seven more cities by March 31, government and industry officials said...more>>

DGH okays Cairn's Bhagyam plan
The Economic Times, 19 December 2011
The directorate general of hydrocarbons (DGH), the technical arm of the oil ministry, has approved Cairn India's proposal to commence production from Bhagyam, the second-largest oil field in the prolific Rajasthan block, but the ministry has still not given the go-ahead, industry and official sources said...more>>

GAIL inks 20 year LNG import deal with US co
The Economic Times, 12 December 2011
State-run Gail has signed a 20-year deal with Sabine Pass Liquefaction to import liquefied natural gas from the US from 2017 to secure long-term supplies at prices linked to the US benchmark Henry Hub, company executives said. At current price of gas in the US and prevailing liquefaction and transportation rates, the price would be $10-11 per unit in India, about $5-6 cheaper than the recent LNG contract with an Australia firm...more>>

RIL sees potential of more exports to Africa
The Financial Express, 11 December 2011
Reliance Industries (RIL) is currently selling two to three million tonnes of petroleum products a year to Africa and sees potential for more, Mr P Raghavendran, president of refinery business, RIL, said...more>>

HPCL, Petronet plan Africa assets
Mint, 10 December 2011
State-owned Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd (HPCL) and Petronet LNG Ltd are eyeing hydrocarbon infrastructure opportunities in South Sudan and Mozambique as part of India's efforts to step up its presence in energy-rich Africa...more>>

India looks to Africa for secure energy supplies
Mint, 6 December 2011
As part of India's effort to counter the growing Chinese influence in Africa and provide a fillip to India's efforts to secure hydrocarbon assets in the continent, at least 16 countries will be participating in the third India-Africa hydrocarbons conference starting on 9 December...more>>

ONGC reports two discoveries
The Times of India, 2 December 2011
Flagship explorer Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has announced two "significant oil discoveries", even as the government told Parliament that the state-run company is to spend Rs 25,000 crore in bringing about a dozen marginal fields into production by 2014...more>>

India seeks LNG from south-east Asian countries
The Financial Express, 22 September 2011
India has started dialouge with South East Asian nations such as Brunei, Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia to import liquefied natural gas to meet the needs of a host of industries including power, fertilisers, petrochemicals and steel... more>>

HPCL evaluates Australian companies for acquisition
Mint, 18 August 2011
State owned Hindustan Petroleum Corp. Ltd (HPCL) is evaluating about 10 Australian companies with expertise in coal bed methane (CBM) and shale gas for an acquisition... more>>

Continental shift in LNG demand
The Financial Express, 23 August 2011
More and more LNG is on its way to Asia, reversing a trend of only a few years ago when most LNG was being imported by the West... more>>

India caps offer price for Turkmenistan Gas at $12.67
The Economic Times, 28 April 2011
India is not willing to agree to Turkmenistan's price for natural gas from its Dauletabad gas field, as it would make it costlier than importing liquefied natural gas (LNG)... more>>

NRL to build 100 km pipeline from India to Bangladesh for Rs 150 crore
The Economic Times; 15 April 2011
Assam-based Numaligarh Refinery Ltd will construct a 100-km long pipeline from India to Bangladesh for exporting high speed diesel... more>>

ONGC Videsh gets foothold in Kazakh
Business Standard, 17 April 2011
India and Kazakhstan have signed seven agreements, one of which formalizes the transfer of 25 per cent stake of the Kazakh oil and gas company, Kazmunaigas, in its Satpayev Exploration Block to ONGC Videsh Ltd. No details of the payment made by ONGC Videsh for the stake were available, but the agreement marked the entry of the Indian state-controlled company into Kazakhstan’s hydrocarbons sector... more>>

India in talks with Indonesia, Kuwait for LNG supply
The Economic Times, 19 April 2011
India is in talks with Indonesia, Kuwait and Brunei for long-term import of liquefied natural gas to feed its rapidly growing energy demand, which has attracted global energy giants such as BP... more>>

Saudi petrochem giant plans big for India
Business Standard, 24 February 2011
Petrochemicals major Sabic (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) is planning big investments in India that may run into billions of dollars...more>>

BP inks mega deal to pick up 30% in RIL oil, gas blocks for $7.2 billion
The Hindu, 22 February 2011
In what can be termed as one of the biggest FDI (foreign direct investments) in the energy sector, RIL (Reliance Industries Ltd.) announced the sale of 30% stake in its 23 blocks, including the giant KG-D6 gas fields, to BP of U.K. for $7.20 billion...more>>

Gas pricing key to TAPI project
The Hindu Business Line, 14 February 2011
Gas pricing will be the key to TAPI (Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India) pipeline project that is expected to get India 38 mscmd (million standard cubic metres a day) of gas from Turkmenistan...more>>

Fifth PCPIR to come up in Tamil Nadu
DNA , 21 January 2011
The Union government will give its approval for the fifth Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemical Investment Region (PCPIR), one of the most ambitious and massive projects of the ministry of chemicals and fertilizers, in Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu in the next two to three months...more>>

ONGC, Sistema to merge Russian oil and gas assets
The Economic Times, 22 December 2010
State-run ONGC and Russian conglomerate Sistema have decided to merge their oil & gas businesses in Russia under a joint venture in a no-cash deal where the Indian firm will have a 25% shareholding with a say in management...more>>

ONGC Tripura signs MoU with Bangladesh
The Hindu, 18 December 2010
ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) has announced that it's power subsidiary, ONGC Tripura Power Company has inked a MoU (memorandum of understanding) with Bangladesh to open up a new transport corridor for transporting heavy equipment for its plant in Tripura. With the new MoU in place, Bangladesh, for the first time, will allow the use of the Ashuganj port on the mighty Meghna River and the connecting road network between Ashuganj–Sultanpur–Akhaura check post (around 48 km) for transporting project equipment to Palatana in Tripura...more>>

BPCL, partners strike gas in Mozambique
Business Standard, 30 November 2010
BPCL and its partners have made a major natural gas discovery in offshore Mozambique but no estimates of reserves the find may contain has been made. The Lagosta exploration well "encountered a total of more than 168 net metres of natural gas pay" in the Rovuma Basin, Area-1, offshore Mozambique, BPCL and Videocon Industries, which are partners in the block, said in separate but identical statements. This is the third natural gas discovery; the earlier ones being Windjammer and Barquentine, the statements said but did not put a reserve number to any of the finds...more>>

E&P companies to get more time for deep water exploration
The Financial Express, 26 November 2010
The government will make the terms of oil and gas exploration in deep water and frontier area blocks more friendly to the investing companies in order to improve the chances of finding hydrocarbon. The idea is to mainly give more time to oil and gas exploration companies that win such blocks in March next year under the Nelp (new exploration licensing policy) as well as under the open acreage licensing policy that will come into force subsequently...more>>

HPCL to invest Rs 300 billion in Maharashtra refinery
The Hindu, 14 November 2010
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL) announced a mega plan to invest Rs.30,000 crore to set up an 18-million tonnes a year refinery in Maharashtra. The 9-MT Bhatina Refinery would be ready by April next, the company said...more>>

Essar Energy up on refinery margin, sales
Business Standard, 13 November 2010
Essar Energy said its gross refining margins (GRMs) had risen 49 per cent to $6.75 a barrel for the September quarter...more>>

Chevron takes over Reliance JV
Business Standard, 10 November 2010
Chevron Corp's decision to buy US natural gas producer Atlas Energy has brought the two former partners Chevron and RIL (Reliance Industries Ltd) together, after the American company had exited Reliance Petroleum in April last year...more>>

US to help in shale gas technology
The Hindu, 9 November 2010
India has inked an agreement with the US for cooperation in shale gas technology that would help it exploit vast untapped unconventional resource...more>>

India, Angola to cooperate in oil & gas sector
Business Standard, 2 November 2010
Angola could become India's second partner country for gas imports with the two countries signing an MoU to commence supply of LNG (liquefied natural gas) from the African nation.

India switches fully to Euro III and IV petrol and diesel
The Hindu, 24 September 2010
India has announced that it had completely switched over to the cleaner Euro- III and Euro- IV petrol and diesel, well ahead of the October 1 deadline fixed by the Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry... more>>

OVL bids for two new Russian oil fields
The Hindu, 21 September 2010
OVL (ONGC- Videsh Ltd) has bid for Russia's strategic Trebs and Titov oil fields, even as its proposed bidding partner, Rosneft, has pulled out of the race. OVL submitted its application through Nord Imperial, which is part of Imperial Energy, an OVL subsidiary in Russia, hours before the bidding closed... more>>

NELP IX to be launched on 18 October
Business Standard, 27 September 2010
The government will launch the ninth round of the New Exploration Licensing Policy (NELP IX), which will see an auction of around 35 oil and gas blocks, on 18 October, with a road show in Mumbai. Some of these blocks could be from the eighth round, for which no bids were received... more>>

Essar to bid for gas blocks in Indonesia
Business Standard, 15 September 2010
London Stock Exchange-listed Essar Energy Plc plans to bid for coal-bed methane (CBM) and shale gas blocks in Indonesia next month. The company will also bid for similar assets in China at the end of this year, a company official said... more>>

RIL eyes more shale assets in US
The Financial Express, 7 September 2010
RIL, which has struck three shale gas joint ventures with US firms this year, may go for a full buyout next as the cash rich firm builds the knowledge it needs to run such operations. Reliance has received about 20 to 25 pitches from investment bankers for shale assets... more>>

BPCL acquires shale gas assets in Oz
The Asian Age, 21 August 2010
Public sector oil firm BPCL (Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd) has entered the shale gas business by purchasing a stake in two exploration blocks in Australia. The company has executed a letter of intent with Norwest Energy of Australia for purchasing stakes in two blocks in Perth Basin... more>>

Vedanta to buy up to 60%in Cairn India for $9.6 billion
The Financial Express;, 17 August 2010
Metals baron and industrialist Anil Agarwal has moved a step closer to his ambition of owning a diversified portfolio of natural resources in India. Agarwal's Vedanta Group said it was looking to buy a controlling stake of between 51-60% in oil production firm Cairn India for $8.5-9.6 billion. This values Cairn India at roughly $17 billion...more>>

Ports will soon get systems to combat oil spills
The Hindu Business Line, 15 August 2010
The Mumbai and JN Ports would soon be equipped with Tier-I pollution response system to combat oil spills...more>>

New licensing policy for oil companies likely by 2010
The Hindu Business Line, 13 August 2010
OALP (Open Acreage Licensing Policy) regime, which will allow oil exploration companies to choose the blocks they want to take up for their hydrocarbon search, is likely to be introduced by 2012. Introduction of OALP will provide continuous opportunity to bidders for expediting the oil and gas hunt in the country...more>>

RIL to take US lessons for shale E&P in India
The Financial Express, 7 August 2010
RIL (Reliance Industries Ltd), which announced its third shale gas asset acquisition in the US this year for Rs 18,000 million, will leverage the technological acumen gained from operating those assets to aggressively bid for shale gas assets in India, when the government invites bids for shale gas E&P (exploration & production) next year...more>>

PNGRB to make licensing norms investor-friendly
The Financial Express, 19 July 2010
The Petroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB), the downstream regulator in the energy sector, has proposed to finetune its licensing norms as it cautiously prepares to enter a new regime of authorising trunk and city gas pipeline networks...more>>

Petrol price review every month
Business Standard, 15 July 2010
Government-controlled oil marketing companies (OMCs) have decided to review retail prices of petrol on a monthly basis. However, the date for the next price review and the mechanism to fix the price are yet to be finalized...more>>

IOC, RIL among 8 Indian companies in Fortune 500 list
The Economic Times, 12 July 2010
Eight Indian companies, including oil major Indian Oil Corporation and Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries, have made the cut in the list of the world's 500 largest companies compiled by Fortune...more>>

Energy companies queue up for Canada's oil sand assets
The Financial Express, 10 July 2010
Canada's oil sands are calling and India's energy explorers are raring to go. Upstream companies including Essar Oil, OVL (ONGC Videsh) and RIL (Reliance Industries Ltd) are scouting for oil sand assets in northern Alberta, and have lined up investments over $1 billion each...more>>

India scouts for international LNG deals as prices stay low
The Financial Express, 10 July 2010
India is planning an aggressive foray into the global market for natural gas, as it reckons that the output from Reliance Industries' KG-D6 block would hardly meet the growing demand from key sectors like fertilisers...more>>

Oil India to scout for small oil wells overseas
The Asian Age, 5 July 2010
The oil exploration company OIL (Oil India Ltd) is aggressively looking to expanding its oil properties...more>>

Reliance strikes 4th oil find in Cambay
The Financial Express, 29 April 2010
Energy major Reliance Industries has discovered more oil on the country's western coast, raising the potential of the exploratory blocks it has been drilling, the company said... more>>

Cairn starts second oil processing unit in Rajasthan
The Economic Times, 26 April 2010
Cairn India has started a second crude oil processing plant at its giant Mangala oilfield in Thar desserts of Rajasthan, which will help the company ramp up output for the nation's most prolific oilfield... more>>

Oil and gas hunt gets $10.3 billion from private funding, FDI
The Financial Express, 23 April 2010
Oil and gas fields in India have attracted a princely $10.3 billion (about Rs 460 billion) private and FDI till January this year since the beginning of Nelp (the New Exploration and Licensing Policy) a decade ago... more>>

Atlas, Reliance to buy more shale gas acreage
Business Standard, 23 April 2010
Independent oil and gas company Atlas Energy Inc has said it would buy 42,344 acres in the gas rich Marcellus shale along with energy giant Reliance Industries... more>>

Dual petroleum tax to boost industry
The Financial Express, 17 December 2009
The proposed dual levy for petroleum products augers well for consumers and industrial users if the excise component is fixed at a level that does not raise the tax burden, say experts. The 13th Finance Commission's task force on GST proposed a dual tax of GST and excise duty on emission fuels like petrol, diesel, jet fuel and kerosene. The task force recommended a 12% GST at central and state levels together and asked for a 'revenue neutral' excise rate to be set...more>>

Cairn India to merge oil, gas biz of group firms
Business Standard, 14 December 2009
Cairn India, part of the UK-based Cairn Energy, said it will merge oil and gas businesses of some of its subsidiaries with itself, a move that will improve administrative efficiencies. The company's board, at its meeting held recently, has approved a scheme of arrangement between Cairn India and some of its wholly-owned subsidiaries, oil and gas exploration major said in a statement to the Bombay Stock Exchange. Under the scheme, the company's four subsidiaries - Cairn Energy India, Cairn Energy India West BV, Cairn Energy Cambay BV and Cairn Energy Gujarat BV -- would merge their Indian oil and gas businesses with Cairn India, it said...more>>

OVL, Sistema to jointly explore biz opportunities in Russia, CIS region
The Financial Express, 14 December 2009
ONGC Videsh Ltd (OVL) and Russian company Sistema have agreed to work together for the acquisition of oil and gas assets in Russia as well as in other countries. A non-exclusive memorandum of understanding (MoU) to this effect was signed at the Indo-Russian CEOs business council meeting held in Moscow during Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh's recent visit to Russia. OVL entered the Russian hydrocarbon sector in 2001 by acquiring participating interest in the Sakhalin-1 project. Earlier this year, OVL bought out Imperial Energy which has hydrocarbon assets in the Tomsk region, Western Siberia...more>>

Petronas buys 2.3% in Cairn India
The Economic Times, 16 October 2009
Malaysian oil firm Petronas has bought 2.3 per cent stake in Cairn India for USD 240 million (around Rs 1,100 crore) to raise its holding in the company, which gave the nation its largest oil find in recent times, to near 15 per cent...more>>

Cairn India ties up $1.6 billion for Rajasthan project.
Business Standard, 15 October 2009
Cairn India has raised funds worth $1.6 billion from domestic and overseas lenders to repay an existing debt and to accelerate the ongoing Rajasthan Project where crude oil production commenced recently...more>>

RIL plans to raise Jamnagar refining capacity by a quarter
Mint, 15 October 2009
India's largest company by market capitalization, Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), plans to bolster the refining capacity of its new Jamnagar facility, already the world's biggest refining hub, by nearly a quarter and raise it to 720,000 barrels a day (bpd)...more>>

Mangala oil fields mark beginning of a new era
The Hindu, 30 August 2009
Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh dedicated to the nation the Mangala oil field, marking the start of commercial production of oil from the area...more>>

IOC to provide hydrogen-blended CNG
The Pioneer, 27 August 2009
IOC has taken a step forward by setting up country's first commercial filling station at Dwarka in Delhi, which will make available hydrogen- blended CNG for three-wheelers and cars...more>>

Gulf majors may help build oil storage units along coastline
The Economic Times, 13 July 2009
Several Gulf–based oil producers are considering a proposal from the Indian government to invest in creating large crude oil storage facilities along the country coastline...more>>

RIL's gas finds to save country $8.3 billion annually, says Morgan
The Financial Express, 11 July 2009
RILs' eastern offshore KG D-6 gas fields at peak production will help the nation save $8.3 billion annually or 0.7% of the GDP, investment banker Morgan Stanley said...more>>

OVL consortium to invest $5 billion in Iranian gas fields
The Hindu, 26 June 2009
Giving thrust to exploration of oil and gas assets abroad, OVL (ONGC Videsh Ltd) in partnership with IOC and OIL (Oil India Ltd) has outlined a plan to invest around $5 billion over the next four years to produce gas from the Farsi block discovered in offshore Iran...more>>

RIL's gas field to double supply of cleaner fuel
Mint; 19 June 2009
India's biggest natural gas field will transform the energy landscape when production begins this month, eventually doubling the nation's supply of the cleaner-burning fuel and lessening its reliance on oil...more>>

India's third LNG terminal at Dabhol in October
Business Standard, 15 June 2009
India is all set to get its third LNG import terminal commissioned this October at Dabhol on Maharashtra's west coast.

RIL refinery can now sell fuel in local mkt
The Financial Express, 17 April 2009
The EOU (Export Oriented Unit) status of Reliance Industries' Jamnagar refinery in Gujarat has ended, allowing the company to sell petrol and diesel locally including through its 1,432 now-closed petrol pumps...more>>

Oil firms raise ATF Price 6.7%
Business Standard; 16 April 2009
State-run oil companies today raised ATF (aviation turbine fuel) prices for the third time in a month, this time by about 6.7 per cent, in step with international rates, which are firming up...more>>

RIL, GAIL to lay pipeline for K–G gas
Business Standard, 15 April 2009
RIL and state-run gas marketer GAIL India are gearing up to start the second phase of construction of the pipeline to transport gas from the Krishna–Godavari basin to the southern parts of the country...more>>

RIL expected to be top gas producer in 3 years
Business Standard, 11 April 2009
RIL could overtake state-owned ONGC and Oil India to account for over 40% of the country's natural gas production in the next three years, say analysts. Supply from RIL's Krishna Godavari basin reserve on the east coast began on 2 April...more>>

NELP -VIII offers all-time high 70 blocks
Business Standard, 10 April 2009
Amid concerns of the economic slowdown, the government today launched the eighth round of NELP-VIII (eighth round of New Exploration Licensing Policy) offering 70 blocks, the highest so far...more>>

Pakistan to go ahead with IPI sans India
The Asian Age, 11 March 2009
Pakistan has expressed its readiness to go ahead with the USD 7.5 billion gas pipeline with Iran even if India, which has security and other concerns, opts out of the trilateral project...more>>

Govt for PPP in securing overseas energy assets
Business Standard, 10 March 2009
In partnership with Japan, South Korea and Singapore, India must explore options for joint storage of oil reserves and setting up a financial reserve for borrowing and lending to tide over the volatility of oil prices, according to Mr H S Puri, secretary (ER) in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)....more>>

India firms offered 25% stake in Satpayev oil deal
The Indian Express, 5 March 2009
In pursuance of the objective of energy security, India is all set to seal the Satpayev Oil Concession deal with the Kazakhstan Government wherein ONGC Mittal Energy Limited will acquire at least 25 per cent stake in the Caspian Sea Oil block....more>>

3 petrochem regions cleared
The Indian Express, 26 February 2009
With the union cabinet clearing proposals of the West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat governments for setting up PCPIRs (Petroleum, Chemical and Petrochemical Investment Regions) in their territorial domain, a major hurdle has been removed in the way of investment worth more than Rs 4500 billion in PCPIRs, chemicals minister Mr Ram Vilas Paswan said...more>>

World's biggest refinery poised to start in Jamnagar
The Indian Express, 25 December 2008
Reliance Industries is set to double its capacity by starting up its new 580 000 barrels per day plant this weekend, creating the world's biggest refinery just as global oil demand collapses...more>>

NELP VIII likely to offer 100 blocks
The Economic Times, 23 December 2008
The petroleum ministry is planning to auction over 100 prospective areas for oil and gas exploration by March 2009 under the eighth round of NELP-VIII. 'It would be our endeavour to launch NELP-VIII in first quarter of 2009,' petroleum minister Mr Murli Deora said...more>>

Cairn India makes oil and gas discovery
The Indian Express, 23 December 2008
Cairn India Ltd has announced that it has made an Oil and gas discovery adjacent to the Raageshwari oilfield in its Rajasthan block. 'The first exploration well in the 2008/09 exploration programme has been successful with the completion of the Raageshwari East 1/1Z well,' Cairn India said...more>>

India wants regulator to ensure transparency in oil market
Business Standard, 21 December 2008
India has underlined the need for putting in place an appropriate regulatory mechanism to restrain unhealthy 'speculative practices' and bring about transparency in the crude oil market... more>>


Energy audits to help Delhiites save power
The Hindustan Times, 19 July 2013
Delhi's private power distribution company BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) on Thursday signed a pact with French energy major Schneider Electric to help consumers reduce power consumption by 30% through energy audits.

For demand-side electricity reforms
The Hindu Business Line, 18 February 2013
The recent times have seen several States enhancing their electricity tariffs - the most recent case being in Delhi that came with the usual public outcry and protests.

Power plants without long-term linkages won't get benefits: coal price pooling
Business Standard, 8 February 2013
Coal-based power plants with 16,000 Megawatt (Mw) capacity, entailing an investment of more than Rs 80,000 crore, are unlikely to get the benefit of coal price pooling.

Ministry sets up panel for power reforms
The Financial Express, 7 February 2013
The power ministry has set up an advisory committee - comprising head honchos of key public and private sector power companies, chiefs of leading banks as well as industry experts, heads of industry associations and non-government organizations - to discuss issues relating to the sector and suggest reforms.

6 states 'agree' to Centre's Rs 1.9 lakh crore power discom debt restructuring
Business Standard, 4 January 2013
At least six states have agreed to subscribe to the Centre's debt restructuring plan for power distribution companies. The deadline for states to opt for the package has been extended by three months and would now end on March 31.

Gujarat's dual power distribution model catches Centre's fancy
Business Standard, 17 December 2012
The government is working on a proposal to replicate Gujarat's "dual distribution mode" in the power sector across Indian states. The idea is to cut down losses from selling subsidized electricity to farmers and bring their financially-ill distribution utilities to profitability.

CERC issues draft rules to power competition in sector
Business Standard, 10 September 2012
The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has issued draft regulations intended to prevent abuse of market power and regulate the conduct of companies harming or potentially harming competition in the sector. more>>

Centre to use electricity fund to push states on reforms
The Financial Express, 12 April 2012
The Centre has decided to leverage the national electricity fund (NEF) to push states on power sector reforms. The fund is meant to provide interest subsidy on loans taken by states for funding power distribution projects... more>>

Power regulator notifies new grid code
The Hindu, 3 April 2012
To safeguard the Northern Grid from collapse on account of rampant overdawal of power and to enforce greater grid discipline among the States, the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission's new grid code has come into effect... more>>

NTPC inks $1.5-bn deal in Bangladesh
The Financial Express, 30 January 2012
Bangladesh has signed a $1.5-billion deal with NTPC to build a 1320 -MW coal-fired power plant, the country's biggest, to help ease acute power shortages... more>>

Panel for more UMPPs in coastal areas
Business Standard, 29 December 2011
Even as the two coast-based ultra-mega power plants (UMPP) facing an uncertain future, it has not stopped the Working Group on Power for the 12th Plan from recommending more coastal power plants based on imported coal, due to the rising shortage in domestic coal... more>>

RPower Rosa phase II unit goes commercial
The Hindu, 29 December 2011
Reliance Power has commenced generation from the first 300-MW unit of phase II of its Rosa project in Uttar Pradesh three months ahead of schedule... more>>

Nod to set up power subsidy fund
Business Standard, 14 December 2011
The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved setting up of a National Electricity Fund to give interest subsidy of Rs 8,466 crore for 14 years to power distribution projects. The scheme will be operational within 12 months, an official statement said... more>>

Neyveli to invest Rs 40k cr to set up power plants
Business Standard, 6 September 2011
State-run Neyveli Lignite Corporation (NLC) plans to invest Rs 40,200 crore to build power plants in Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh... more>>

CERC for new rules to curb grid indiscipline
Business Standard, 26 August 2011
To curb utilities' tendency to overdraw power by using the unscheduled interchange charge (UI) mechanism, the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has proposed stricter rules.
Renewable energy... more>>

Solar equipment majors eye India as manufacturing hub
The Financial Express, 26 August 2011
With the prospect of a slowdown in the renewable power sector in their home markets, US and European solar power equipment manufacturers are betting big on Indian demand... more>>

Dr Farooq Abdullah urges the nation to transform the promise of boundless and clean energy into reality on TERI’s Foundation Day
Business Wire India, 18 August 2011
Outlining India’s achievements in the field of renewable energy, Dr Farooq Abdullah, Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy, Government of India, assured that the government and his ministry, along with the support of think-tanks like TERI and leading corporates in the nation have launched major efforts to ambitiously move the country towards greater use of renewable energy resources, while ensuring the well-being of generations yet to come. This message came out strong at 10th Darbari Seth Memorial Lecture that marked the Foundation Day of TERI... more>>

Six more solar plants to be commissioned by year-end
The Hindu, 10 August 2011
The accent on clean and green energy becoming more pronounced, power distribution company NDPL (North Delhi Power Ltd) has lined up half a dozen more plants to be commissioned over the next few months... more>>

Bharat Petroleum, SG Biofuels ink deal for massive Jatropha 2.0 deployment in India
Biofuels Digest, 9 August 2011
In India, SG Biofuels and Bharat Renewable Energy, a unit of India’s second largest oil company, Bharat Petroleum, signed a landmark commercial agreement to develop and deploy elite hybrids of Jatropha across a total 86,000 acres in this phase of development... more>>

CERC to audit price discovery mechanism at power exchanges
Business Standard, 25 April 2011
The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) will audit the price discovery mechanism being used at the country's two power exchanges -- Indian Energy Exchange and Power Exchange India... more>>

Plan panel's working group to prepare road map for growth of power sector
The Financial Express, 23 April 2011
Power sector has come in the centre stage of government planning with the Planning Commission constituting a working group on power for the coming 12th Five-Year Plan (2012-17)... more>>

All 11th Plan power plants to get tax holiday boost
The Financial Express, 21 February 2011
The government is likely to give a breather to the power sector by extending the tax holiday for the sector by another year... more>>

India , Bangladesh giving shape to SAARC electricity market
The Hindu Business Line, 28 January 2011
India and Bangladesh have been entrusted with the task of giving a final shape to the proposed South-Asia electricity grid. Participation in the SAARC Market for Electricity — envisaging electricity trading across member states — is likely to happen on the electricity market windows that are already in place in India...more>>

India to develop coal fired ultra supercritical plant
The Economic Times , 27 January 2011
A 800 MW coal-fired power project based on more efficient advanced ultra supercritical thermal power technology is being set up jointly by BHEL, NTPC and Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research...more>>

R-Power to invest $5billion in Indonesia
The Times of India , 25 January 2011
In what is being seen as one of the largest foreign investments in Indonesia , Reliance Power will infuse $5 billion (around Rs 220 billion) in two projects-one each in South Sumatra and Jambi provinces...more>>

New tariff regime will electrify power sector
The Hindu Business Line, 31 December 2010
The transition to a new regime, under which power projects will be awarded to prospective developers offering the most competitive tariffs, is the most anticipated change in the power sector as we move into the year 2011... more>>

Supercritical tech set to be made mandatory for coal power plants
The Financial Express, 27 December 2010
The government may soon make it mandatory for power companies to switch to energy-efficient supercritical technology for their upcoming coal-fired power projects as it looks at playing a major role in global efforts to fight climate change by cutting down emission of greenhouse gases. The coal-based power projects have been identified as major contributor to environmental pollution... more>>

India to start power trade with Sri Lanka by 2014
Business Standard, 25 November 2010
The government's initiative to have trading of electricity with Sri Lanka is likely to bear fruit by mid-2014, with the commissioning of a high capacity power transmission link between the two countries. PGCIL (Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd), the country's largest electricity transmission utility and the implementing agency for the project from the Indian side, is likely to sign a MoU (memorandum of understanding) for developing the Rs 25 billion project with the neighbouring country by next month... more>>

RPower, US Exim Bank in $5 billion deal
The Financial Express, 8 November 2010
Reliance Power, the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group's power firm, has sealed a $5 billion (nearly Rs 220 billion) funding deal from the US Export Import Bank for its gas based and renewable energy projects totalling about 9000 mw... more>>

R-Power sees eight-fold capacity rise in 2 years
Business Standard, 29 September 2010
Reliance Power is planning to commission its entire portfolio of projects by 2017, which would be around 35,000 Mw. At the company's annual general meeting, Chairman Mr Anil Ambani said it had embarked on a fast-track implementation of its huge portfolio, which include three ultra mega power projects (UMPPs)... more>>

RPG co inks 20 year coal deal with Australian miner
The Economic Times, 15 September 2010
Integrated Coal Mining Ltd, owned by the Rs 170 billion RPG Group, inked a 20-year offshore coal procurement contract with Australian coal miner Resource Generation (RGL)... more>>

Torrent Power to invest Rs 60 billion on Dahej plant
The Hindu Business Line, 30 April 2010
Torrent Power Ltd (TPL), part of the Rs 186-billion Torrent Group, will invest nearly Rs 60 billion on setting up a 1200 MW gas-based power plant at Dahej, Bharuch district, to meet the requirements of the upcoming Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemicals Investment Regions (PCPIR). ONGC Petro-additions Ltd (OPaL), incorporated in 2006 as a joint venture promoted by ONGC (26 per cent) and co-promoted by GAIL (19 per cent) and Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Ltd (5 per cent), is the anchor tenant in setting up the Dahej Special Economic Zone (SEZ) as part of the PCPIR.

Expert group to study T&D losses
The Hindu, 29 April 2010
The Planning Commission, perturbed by the continued theft of electricity and massive T&D (transmission and distribution) losses that are expected to touch Rs 680 billion this fiscal, will soon set up an expert group to find out the causes for such losses... more>>

CERC raises overdrawal charge to Rs 12.25 a unit
The Economic Times, 29 April 2010
To discourage states from overdrawing electricity from the grid, power regulator Central Electricity Regulatory Commission has increased the overdrawing charge to Rs 12.25 per unit. An additional UI (unscheduled interchange) charge of 40% on the normal UI rate of Rs 8.73 per unit will now become applicable, an official statement said... more>>

CERC plans to hike trading margin to 7 paisa
The Financial Express, 15 October 2009
The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has proposed to increase the trading margin from 4 paisa to 7 paisa if the sale rate is more than Rs 3 on a short-term trading market...more>>

Government to set up panels for power sector growth
The Financial Express, 5 October 2009
Against the backdrop of the Planning Commission's recent observation that the capacity addition of just 60,000 mw against the target of 78,700 mw could be possible by end of 2011-12 , the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Energy will set up various groups to make recommendations for an overall growth of the power sector...more>>

SEZs to get leeway in power distribution
The Financial Express, 25 August 2009
In a move to ease procedural hassles, the Commerce Ministry is pushing for removal of licensing requirements needed to distribute power to factories, business outsourcing units, software developers, and social infrastructure like hospitals and malls located inside SEZs...more>>

India plans gas-based power plant in Iran
The Hindu Business Line, 25 August 2009
India is working on a proposal to build a gas-based power plant in Iran, with a capacity of at least 4000 MW. Options for bringing the electricity to India, either over land or through an undersea transmission cable, are being explored...more>>

Six restructured electricity boards made profits in 2007/08
Business Standard, 11 July 2009
Less than half of the SEBs, which have been restructured, have made profits in 2007/08, Power Minister, Mr Sushilkumar Shinde said...more>>

Government hikes allocation for power reform scheme by 160%
The Hindu Business Line, 7 July 2009
The power reforms programme got a booster dose in the Budget, with the finance minister hiking the allocation for the centre's flagship distribution reforms scheme by 160% over the previous fiscal...more>>

Govt looks for changes in mega power policy
The Times of India; 3 June 2009
The government is prepared to make it easier for generation projects to qualify for incentives under the mega power policy by dropping the clause on mandatory privatisation of distribution networks for states that plan to buy electricity from plants of up to 1000 mw....more>>

Big push to rural electrification on cards
The Hindu, 21 May 2009
Apart from giving a major thrust to power reforms and attracting large private investment, the new Government in office will give a big push to the rural electrification programme, curbing aggregate and technical losses (A&T) and working a roadmap for achieving the open access goal propagated by the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, in his last tenure....more>>

CERC's new criteria to revise power tariff
The Financial Express; 18 May 2009
Electricity tariffs may change as power sector regulator Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) will soon announce new parameters determining the cost of generation and transmission for thermal power projects....more>>

Tajikistan eyes JVs in power sector
The Financial Express, 12 April 2009
Tajikistan is looking for Indian power companies to set up about 20 power stations to reduce the energy crisis and establish a pretreatment of coal and redundancy elimination of electricity and gas loss...more>> .

CERC amends its cross-border trading norms
The Financial Express, 24 February 2009
The CERC (Central Electricity Regulatory Commission) has amended its trading regulations after the MEA (ministry of external affairs) argued that any attempt to dilute its control mechanism on international trade in electricity would adversely impact national and strategic interests ...more>>

GMR Energy takes over Indonesian co for $80 million
The Economic Times, 26 February 2009
GMR Energy, a subsidiary of GMR Infrastructure, has acquired 100% stake in Barasentosa Lestari PT, an Indonesian coal mining company, for $80 million to fortify back-end integration for its future power projects. With this move, GMR aims to achieve fuel security for its power projects in India... more>>

Renewable energy

Initiative lights up off-grid villages in Pakistan
PV Magazine, 22 July 2013
As part of a pilot project to increase the use of solar power, the Lahore-based microfinance institute Buksh Foundation and TERI in India, working with national and international partners, have electrified 72 off-grid villages in Pakistan's Punjab province.

MNRE sets up working group for biomass power
Panchabuta, 16 June 2013
According to reports, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has constituted a working group to review issues troubling biomass-based power producers in the country. While India produces 500 million tonnes of biomass, enough to generate 18,000 MW of power, the total installed capacity in the country today is just 1,264 MW. Again, a number of biomass power plants are lying shut because it is not viable to run them. The constitution of the committee indicates that the Government is concerned about issues facing the sector.

MNRE to launch mega-sized solar power projects
The Economic Times, 14 June 2013
To give a boost to its efforts to bring down the cost of solar power in India, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) is planning to roll out large megawatt size solar power projects, in the order of 500 MW and above. Till yet MNRE has tendered projects of size 50 MW through National Solar Mission, though several states have either commissioned or executing solar power projects of larger size to meet their escalating demand of power. Maharashtra's state-owned generation company Mahagenco recently commissioned a 125-MW solar power photovoltaic project, the largest ever in India. Welspun Energy has recently established a 130-MW solar power plant under Madhya Pradesh's solar power programme.

India to boost solar energy plans
Eco Business, 28 February 2013
The Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has released figures showing that it has assigned 1.17 GW of grid connections for solar projects across the country over the past three years, providing a further boost to the country's ambitious solar energy plans.

Gujarat to have country's first offshore wind energy project
The Indian Express, 21 February 2013
The country's first offshore wind energy project in Gujarat, increasing power generation capacity by over 3600 MW and creating a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to develop the Mandal-Becharaji Special Investment Region, are among the provisions made for infrastructure and energy sectors in the state budget.

Rajasthan solar power tender attracts lowest-ever tariff
The Hindu Business Line, 14 February 2013
Rajasthan's tender for purchase of solar power has turned up the lowest ever tariff offered for selling electricity generated by solar plants. Essel Mining, which wants to put up a 10 MW solar photovoltaic plant and supply the power to Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation, has quoted Rs 6.45 a kWh.

Kerala plans 25,000-rooftop solar units programme
The Hindu Business Line, 6 February 2013
Even as it is getting ready to formally launch its '10,000 rooftop' programme, Kerala is working on the next step-another programme to facilitate an additional 25,000 rooftop solar plants in the State.

Work to begin in Ladakh on world's largest solar telescope
The Hindu, 7 January 2013
Work on the world's largest solar telescope is likely to commence in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir by the end of this year.

India, US collaborate on solar energy
The Hindu, 13 December 2012
India and the United States have started an initiative to develop solar energy through photovoltaic projects and concentrated solar power (CSP), also known as solar thermal.

Government proposes new norms for funding solar projects
The Hindu Business Line, 3 December 2012
The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has come out with proposed norms for viability gap funding (VGF) for large-sized solar power projects that would come up in Phase II of the National Solar Mission. VGF will be made available for certain specified capacity solar projects -- say, 750 MW or 1000 MW, according to the draft policy document on National Solar Mission, Phase II.

Solar power for 25 government schools, 10 hospitals
The Times of India, 24 September 2012
The Delhi environment department has identified 25 government schools and 10 government hospitals that will get independent solar power systems. more>>

India, Norway to jointly develop expertise in geothermal energy
The Pioneer, 9 August 2012
India and Norway are collaborating on a research and development project to develop expertise to harvest geothermal energy and contribute to human resource development. more>>

DRDO to tap geothermal energy to power Ladakh
The Tribune, 7 May 2012
As part of its efforts to tap non-conventional resources in its pursuit of energy security, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is exploring the feasibility of tapping geothermal energy in Ladakh for generating electricity... more>>

Gujarat has 749 gw of renewable energy potential: TERI
The Economic Times, 20 April 2012
Gujarat's overall integrated renewable energy potential is estimated to be around 748.77 GW, according to a study conducted by TERI... more>>

India, one of the top clean-energy economies
The Hindu Business Line, 13 April 2012
India continued its ascent as a top destination for private clean energy investment, according to a research report released by The Pew Charitable Trusts, a non-profit organisation... more>>

CERC issues tariff guidelines for renewable energy
The Hindu Business Line, 14 February 2012
CERC (Central Electricity Regulatory Commission) has issued the norms for determining tariffs of electricity generated from various renewable energy sources... more>>

PE biggies bet on India's green business
The Financial Express, 6 February 2012
Investment interest from the PE (private equity) and VC (venture capital) community in India’s clean technology sector is back in full swing. PE firms invested about $770 million across 36 deals during the 12-month period ended December 2011, according to a study by Venture Intelligence, a research service focused on private equity and M&A transaction activity in the country... more>>

BSES introduces solar-powered water pumping system
The Hindu Business Line, 30 January 2012
In an eco-friendly initiative, Delhi's leading power discom BSES has come out with a solar-powered water pumping system, aimed at cutting down on consumption of electricity... more>> 

BARC develops low-cost solar water purifier
Business Standard, 29 January 2012
Scientists at BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre), Mumbai, have developed a water purifying technology that can be driven either by solar or wind power and desalinates contaminated water while simultaneously removing toxic elements, pathogens and turbidity... more>>

Telecom towers asked to shift to hybrid power
The Hindu, 15 January 2012
In a bid to reduce the carbon footprint of the telecom sector by reducing its dependence on diesel, the government has directed all telecom service providers to ensure that at least half of all their towers in rural areas use hybrid power sources... more>>

Solar power gains foothold in country's energy mix
The Hindu Business Line, 14 December 2011
Almost 180 megawatts of electricity you buy is now coming from solar energy sources. Of this, almost 148 megawatts were added to the country's energy mix in the last one year alone, with no additional burden on the consumer's pocket... more>>

Govt working on special policy for roof-top solar units
The Hindu Business Line, 14 December 2011
The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is working on a special policy for roof-top solar units, Mr Tarun Kapoor, Joint Secretary, MNRE, said... more>>

Green energy: CERC proposes alignment of financial norms with market rates
Business Standard, 11 December 2011
For renewable energy projects in the country, the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has proposed assured long-term tariff visibility and alignment of financial norms with the prevailing market conditions... more>>

Green energy to be made mandatory for powering cell towers
The Hindu Business Line, 9 December 2011
The Department of Telecom will make it mandatory for mobile companies to tap into renewable sources of energy for powering their towers... more>>

RPower, ADB to develop country’s largest solar power plant
The Financial Express, 06 December 2011
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Reliance Power are joining forces to build what will be the country's largest solar photovoltaic power plant... more>>

TVS Group lines up Rs 1800 crore for wind energy
Business Standard, 1 October 2011
TVS Group has lined up Rs 1,800 crore to set up wind energy farms of 200 Mw over the next three years, according to a senior official of Sundaram Clayton Ltd (SCL), a holding company of TVS Motor Company, India’s third-largest two-wheeler manufacturer... more>>

$100-m ADB loan for Gujarat solar power project
The Hindu Business Line, 14 September, 2011
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a loan of $100 million for a solar power transmission project in Gujarat... more>>

Renewable energy can help bridge energy deficit, check govt's subsidy burden
The Economic Times, 10 June 2011
Switching rural India on to renewable energy sources could help the country bridge its widening energy deficit , according to the Planning Commission... more>>

India to be third largest investment destination for renewables this year: KPMG
The Economic Times, 8 June 2011
India is the third most favoured destination globally for investments in the renewable energy sector and will also be a major source of new entrants into the sector, behind the US and China, according to a survey released by global consulting firm KPMG... more>>

Nation’s solar power potential mapped
Deccan Herald, 21 May 2011
The Energy and Wetland Research Group, Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) have jointly mapped the solar hotspots of the country... more>>

Advanced biofuel to meet over 50% of India’s transport demand
Commodities Now, 18 May 2011
Transforming agricultural waste into biofuel could create up to one million jobs in India over the next decade, while radically improving India’s energy efficiency by meeting up to 59% of the demand for transport gasoline through greener fuels by 2020, according to a new study released recently... more>>

Cabinet OK for national clean energy fund
The Economic Times, 7 April 2011
The Union cabinet has cleared the creation of a national clean energy fund that will finance green energy projects and research ventures aimed at reducing India's carbon footprint... more>>

$ 150 million ADB guarantee to support solar power
The Hindu, 20 April 2011
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) will provide up to $150 million in credit guarantees to help India scale up use of solar power as a major renewable energy source... more>>

TERI's solar lanterns light up lives of under-privileged children of Yamuna Khader
India Education Diary; 5 April 2011
It is estimated that more than 400 million people in India are living in darkness... more>>

Trading in renewable energy certificate launched
The Hindu, 25 February 2011
IEX (Indian Energy Exchange) has announced the launch of trading in REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) on its platform... more>>

Scope for generating 68,000 mw of green power: World Bank report
The Hindu, 15 February 2011
The World Bank has stated in its latest report that India can generate 68,000 MW of power, costing less than Rs 6 a unit from renewable energy sources, a step that can address the country's energy security concerns... more>>

Small US firms tap into India 's solar mission
Mint , 27 January 2011
India 's bid to increase solar power production is energizing the business of a number of small and medium-sized US firms that offer innovative equipment and technologies... more>>

NTPC in talks for setting up renewable projects in Maldives
Mint , 5 January 2011
As part of India 's effort to s part of India 's effort to promote greater engagement with neighbours, state owned NTPC Ltd is in talks with the Maldives for setting up renewable energy projects in Male, the island nation's capital... more>>

Gujarat Chief Minister launches Asia's first solar energy park
The Pioneer, 31 December 2010
Gujarat Chief Minister Mr Narendra Modi launched Asia's first solar energy park to generate 500 megawatt power from the non-conventional source in Patan district of the State. Located at the northern periphery of the Little Rann of Kutch at the borders of Patan and Kutch districts, the Gujarat Solar Park would finally be spread over 2000 hectares in the arid region which gets at least 300 sunny days in a year... more>>

PEs sharpen focus on green energy
Business Standard, 22 December 2010
The MPG (Muthoot Pappachan) Group, a leading non-banking finance company, decided to invest heavily in wind energy, to create 50 Mw generation capacity. The RE (renewable energy) sector in India saw 135% more PE and VC (venture capital) investments in 2010. Data from VCC edge show five PE/VC investments worth $377 million (Rs 17,150 million), including a mega one of $290 million by Blackstone in Moser Baer, the solar power company. As against this, 2009 saw six deals in the sector, worth $160 million... more>>

Power players eye high seas for wind energy
The Hindu Business Line, 30 November 2010
Indian wind energy producers and related research organisations are eying the high-seas to harness wind power for electricity generation. Renewable energy majors such as Suzlon and Tata Power are exploring the potential of setting up offshore wind farms, a technology platform that is yet to emerge in India. To back the intentions of these companies, research firms such as Hyderabad-based Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, and Chennai-based Centre for Wind Energy Technology (C-WET) have taken up projects to study the feasibility of offshore wind mills and map potential zones off the Indian coast to set up such projects... more>>

Government incentives RE generation, trading
Business Standard, 26 November 2010
The government has come out with a slew of measures for promoting power generation using renewable sources. These incentives will coincide with trading in RE (renewable energy) receipts on power exchanges that will begin in the next couple of months. The incentives for RE producers include exemption of customs duty on import of equipment for state electricity projects and relaxation of norms for grid access... more>>

Norway to step up solar funding in India
The Hindu Business Line, 25 November 2010
Norway is keen to increase its investments in the Indian renewable energy sector. The Norwegian Government is in talks with MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) to scale up the solar village electrification projects in States such as Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. Norway and MNRE are collaborating and co-funding a solar based rural electrification project that aims at developing sustainable and scalable business models for accelerating large scale roll out of CSPPs (community solar power plants) in India... more>>

Renewable energy sector to attract more private equity investments
The Hindu Business Line, 20 November 2010
India has the macro drivers and a clear edge to be a key clean energy market for private equity investors, states the India Infrastructure report 2010 by 3i Network – IDFC. Private equity investment in renewable energy sector picked up pace in the country from 2004, with Citigroup Venture Capital's $22.5 million investment in Suzlon Energy being a noteworthy deal. According to the report, from a private equity investment of $851 million in 2005, inflows into the renewable sector in India soared to $2,136 million in 2008... more>>

India explores offshore wind farms
The Financial Express, 11 November 2010
With land acquisition and environmental clearances proving increasingly difficult for wind power projects, India is exploring the potential for offshore wind power generation... more>>

Areva has Rs 133 billion plans for solar energy
Business Standard, 1 November 2010
After a small presence in the biomass energy sector, Areva, the French energy major, is betting big on solar power in India. It plans to float two subsidiaries for channelising investment to the tune of $3 billion (Rs 133 billion) in solar power generation... more>>

REC could boost investment in renewable energy, says Fitch
The Financial Express, 15 September 2010
India's move to introduce renewable energy certificate (REC) scheme should help improve cost economics of renewable energy projects and attract investments to the sector... more>>

Azure to build 100 Mw solar power capacity
Business Standard, 12 September 2010
Solar power company Azure Power aims to build a 100 Mw solar power capacity in the next three–five years and is in initial discussions with mobile phone operators and other industrial houses to offer commercial solar power... more>>

Institutional funding for renewable energy sector soon, says Farooq
The Hindu Business Line, 31 August 2010
Institutional finance will soon flow into to the new and renewable energy sector in a big way to boost generation, according to Dr Farooq Abdullah, Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy... more>>

CLP plans 39.6 MW wind farm in Karnataka
The Financial Express, 28 August 2010
CLP India, the largest foreign player in the Indian power sector, plans to launch a 39.6-mw wind farm in Harapanahalli at Davanagere district in Karnataka... more>>

Astonfield bets big on India's solar power market
The Financial Express, 13 August 2010
US-based Astonfield is betting big on the Indian solar market as the government starts work to implement the first phase of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission...more>>

Clean energy fund may garner Rs 670 billion in 10 years
The Hindu Business Line, 15 July 2010
The National Clean Energy Fund, which will come about through a Rs 50 a tonne cess on coal used, it is estimated, will garner more than Rs 670 billion over the next 10 years...more>>

Railways looks at biofuel to cut costs
The Pioneer, 5 July 2010
After CNG, the Indian Railways now wants to tap bio-diesel potential to cut down on its operational cost...more>>

Atlas to guide in tapping of wind energy launched
The Hindu, 30 April 2010
The government and industry need to jointly explore new